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Once upon a time....

  I took a huge risk becoming a hair designer.  I gave up a successful career in public accounting to fulfill a dream.  My first career gave me zero job satisfaction.  As I began to analyze my career options, I had an aha moment.  I remembered as a child spending many Saturday's at the hair salon where my mom worked as a manicurist.  I loved spending the day there.  The energy in the salon was exciting and I loved being with people.  I had dreams of being one of those stylists!!! Those memories inspired me to take a risk and pursue a career in hair design.


   I have traveled to New York, Dallas and other parts of the US keeping up with my continuing education. This creates the opportunity to share the latest trends in hair design and products with my clients.  I also spent eight years as an educator for Schwarzkopf color.  This opportunity  gave me extensive knowledge of color theory  and techniques.   

  During  this upcoming year, I will be updating my technical skills taking advantage of virtual education since travel is a bit challenging during the current global climate.  It is amazing how technology can give you similar quality classes and you can stay home in your own backyard.  Also throughout the year I take business coaching classes so I can give the highest quality client experience, the  most up to date sanitation practices, and run my business with the most current business models and technology.  

   During my free time, I love spending time with family and friends, going to movies, and of course a bit of retail therapy is always fun.  I also work hard to push myself to get to gym.  Honestly its not my absolute passion but its good for mind body and soul so I make it happen.  About a two years ago I even challenged myself to a 5K with one of my family members.  And yes I did run the whole race slowly but surely and crossed to finish line.  My husband and other family members were there for support and to cheer me on.  It was an amazing event.     

    I have found a passion for finding beauty in my clients inside and out.  I look forward to meeting you soon . I would be honored help you be your best self.  Thank you in advance for trusting me.




Amy S.

Jill does an amazing  job with my highlights and tint.  She gives precise and cute haircuts.  Jill is also very creative and has done my hair in beautiful  up-styles.  Jill is always on time and easy to schedule an appointment with.  I enjoy and am pleased after every visit.  Jill's assistant Sadie is also terrific.  

Linzi S.

I've gone to Jill for years and she never disappoints! I'm the kind of person when I find something I like, Good quality, good service ,I stick with it.  Who has the time to shop around? Jill continues to educate herself on up and coming styles, products , and color techniques.  Her drive to be the best in her industry shows with each cut, color and highlight during each visit.  She is truly one of a kind!  

Ruthie Z.

Jill is an expert.  I trust her judgement and I am never disappointed .  Her work is amazing and I love being her client.  

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